Friday, August 8, 2008

This is Scary!!!

I don't have cable TV so I don't watch a lot of television or news. I try to get news online and on the radio. So I wake up this morning to see images of Russian Armour moving into South Ossetia (in Georgia) Reports indicate that Georgian troops moved in to the region in an Offensive planned to coincide with the opening of the Olympic games in Beijing. The Offensive is purportedly designed to deal with Russian backed rebel groups that want a unification with Northern Ossetia still a Russian controlled region. So Russia has retaliated on the behalf of afore-mentioned separatist groups by launching its own offensive into Georgian controlled South Ossetia. Air strikes on Georgian Air Bases this morning, and what looks to be at least 1 Armoured Division moving into Georgian territory.

So far details are sketchy so I don't want to speculate but I will say this, the premise for Tom Clancy's first Ghost Recon is basically this exact scenario. Thank goodness Georgia is not a full fledged NATO member yet because we would be at war with Russia by Monday. That would definately put a damper on the Beijing Games.

...I have finished the game three times and I, I mean "we" win.

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