Monday, June 30, 2008

My Brother is Killing it!!!

so this is the latest Skyy Vodka ad. My brother, Erik had the chosen concept for the "cherry infusion"and it is already creating buzz in the media analysis community and culture jamming blogosphere. here are some examples of the commentary:

my only question is does it taste like Robitussin or duck butter?

nice work my brother.

Opening @ CCA Escondido a Hit!!!

what a great night!!!
amazing art, good conversation,
and yummy spanikopita.
met several new and interesting people.
talked to the artists about their work.
got talked out of joining the military by
people who were glad they served.
was there with my best friend
ate a million oatmeal rasin cookies...great night.
all images from "United & Severed: That Window of Time"
for more info on pictured piece
my former professors/mentors/ friends
Anna Ocain (dept. chair MCCC) & Richard Keely (SDSU)
collaborated with my new friend and Cara's former
dance Professor Karen Schaffman
and Kristine Diekman (both professors at CSUSM).

Friday, June 27, 2008

Album of the Week

this week we have an oldie but goody. for me this album marks a true segway from the wild animal sound of the Birthday Party to the stark nihilistic sound of the early Bad Seeds stuff. it is my opinion that Blixa Bargeld (Einstuerzende Neubauten) had a huge impact on the sound of this album. his dissonant guitar noise's make for an ominously brooding feeling thru the album.
covers of Elvis Presley's, "In the Ghetto"(CD only) and Leonard Cohen's "Avalanche" are my current favorites. this may not be the Bad Seeds most "accesible" album but for any fan a must have. this is my second round with this album. initially when I bought it, '99ish. back then my favs were "Saint Huck" and the title track. one of those rare albums where there is only a couple of optional FF's (>>) but a lot of REWamS (<<). other albums in this category are Thriller (MJ), EVOL (SY)and Bona Drag (Morrissey), all of which will get there turn I am sure.

you should go!!!

Saturday night at the Escondido Art Center Museum (that's tomorrow night) you should go see the opening of these exhibitions.
-"Active Duty" by Owen Mundy
-"Contemporary Ruin" selected prints by the Los Angeles Printmaking Society
-"United & Severed: That Window of Time" Kristine Diekman, Karen Schaffman, Anna O'Cain and Richard Keely
-"Warning Signs" by RH Brownfield
-"Little Drawings" by Shannon Mcneill
I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview and all the work is looking really amazing. I am going to the opening to get a more in depth look at all the work.
There is a nominal entrance fee for non-members ($10.00) but refreshments will be served.
you cant go to see a movie and get fed for that much money, so...make a date and go get some culture and support the Arts.
you can get all the pertinant info at

expect a full report next week!!!

"calling all cats"

open auditions for cat circus being held soon. our cats, Vili and Odin, have secured spots in the following area's...
-balancing acts
-feats of daring
-and a couple of clown routines
auditions will be held to fill:
-magic acts
-animal wrangling: involves dogs
please contact ASAP as circus season starts September!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


yesterday I helped some friends install a piece at CCA Escondido.
today my brother and sister helped me document 2 years of prints.
tomorrow I am going to help myself to a "middleweight" combo from
Knockout Burger.