Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a new "cold war"

alright. so it looks like the Russian "peace keepers" aren't leaving Georgia any time soon. this is a deliberate flaunting of their position because they understand that the western powers are toothless and will do little to nothing to help the Georgians.

to make matters more complex there is discussion of Moscow issuing Russian passports to residents of the Crimea (Ukraine). that is exactly what the did in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. So when the Georgians went in to supposedly flush out separatist elements they were technically attacking Russian citizens. Anyone familiar with 20th century history will understand that this has happened before. (in the 1930's Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland were all either annexed or invaded under the pretext that there were ethnic Germans living in those countries being persecuted). Whats worse is that it appears that they are using second or third string units. if the Russians were taking the situation half as serious as the west is they probably would have been deploying their latest equipment. Oh yeah and with those second or third string units they were able to meet their goals in a matter of days and hours.
side note: the lite blue disk with the cyrilic MC is the symbol of russian peacekeeping forces.
apparent ly many of the units were sent into georgia already bearing these markings.

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