Friday, August 6, 2010

back again

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the joys of Fatherhood

me and Hank (henry) rocking out...yeah.

Album of the Week

blonde redhead


2007 4AD

this band cannot be stopped. just when you thought they couldn't top themselves they release another passionate collection of "never ending story-esque" songs. my current favorite is "publisher." emotional and visual a powerful and beautiful offering. great packaging as usual.

sorry dogs...cats rule!

just some more feline awesomeness!!! Odin and Vili... WE LOOOOVE YOU.

Friday, February 13, 2009

How Much can a Koala Bear!!! (so touching)

photos forwarded from a family Member in Australia. The devastating wild fires have more than just a human toll. this poor little guy is just looking for some relief from the sweltering heat (120degrees0 Train service is halted because THE TRACKS HAVE WARPED AND BUCKLED UNDER THE HEAT!!! being from San Diego I have some idea of what the fire storm is like but the heat is another story. Hope all family and Friends down under are safe. Thanks to Johns and Diana Chick for letting us know that they are safe.
those who show TRUE compassion to animals and don't exploit them to further political or social goals are truly to be admired.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

album of the week (2fer)

Leviathan "Silhouette in Splinters" 2008

Bleak and depressive atmospheric Black Metal. Complete with funny album cover (Wrest paints most of the album artwork himself, hokey, but it works somehow). the One man Bay Area Black Metal Blitzkrieg continues with this release of previously unreleased tracks. "Traveling Over the Ocean's Skull" and "Shimmering With Horn of Woe" are really good and not what you expect from a "metal" release. Leviathan really transcends the label of metal and this collection exhibits this clearly.

you probably wont buy or hear this but you might want to because like "Massive Conspiracy Against All Life" 2008 it proves to be an unbeatable listen.

album of the week

Echo and the Bunnymen "Heaven up Here" 1981. Post Punk (or whatever you want to call it) genius. too many good songs to pick a few. a start to finish listen. goes with many moods... it is all at once brooding and uplifting, grounded and lofty. Will Sergeant apparently was so controlling and bossy during studio recording that Ian McCulloch calls it Sergeants Album. It does have its own sound and feel so it is not a shock. Apparently inspired by VU's "What Goes On."
If you have it listen to it if not get it.