Friday, February 13, 2009

How Much can a Koala Bear!!! (so touching)

photos forwarded from a family Member in Australia. The devastating wild fires have more than just a human toll. this poor little guy is just looking for some relief from the sweltering heat (120degrees0 Train service is halted because THE TRACKS HAVE WARPED AND BUCKLED UNDER THE HEAT!!! being from San Diego I have some idea of what the fire storm is like but the heat is another story. Hope all family and Friends down under are safe. Thanks to Johns and Diana Chick for letting us know that they are safe.
those who show TRUE compassion to animals and don't exploit them to further political or social goals are truly to be admired.


clan of the cave hair said...

Tom, how is it that you've come to be in touch with John and Diana Chick? How awesome is that? And the koala, too adorable.

The Smiths said...

We loved those photos too- we were going to post them- I'm glad I peaked over here first. Brandon went into a full Tom when he saw the photos, stating how "Nations like to find something iconic in the face of tragedy to blah, blah, blah... it was funny- it was a good statement and it just reminded up how strong genes are!