Thursday, February 12, 2009

album of the week

Echo and the Bunnymen "Heaven up Here" 1981. Post Punk (or whatever you want to call it) genius. too many good songs to pick a few. a start to finish listen. goes with many moods... it is all at once brooding and uplifting, grounded and lofty. Will Sergeant apparently was so controlling and bossy during studio recording that Ian McCulloch calls it Sergeants Album. It does have its own sound and feel so it is not a shock. Apparently inspired by VU's "What Goes On."
If you have it listen to it if not get it.

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clan of the cave hair said...

I have a theory as to why we say things like "post punk, or whatever you want to call it" was our childhood, it didn't seem punk or alternative, or anything else label-able.
The "alternative" station had "first wave weekend" the past few days, it was really fun. You should have seen Gabe ( who never responds very much to music-one way or the other) dancing to "Don't turn around...oh oh oh...the Commissar's in town...oh oh oh..."