Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am, more or less, a fan of anything that Thurston Moore does or is involved with and "No Wave Post-Punk. Underground" is no exception. great interviews, amazing photos, insightful glimpses into a world that no longer exists. as an amateur history enthusiast this book is an important record using primary documents and interviews with the people who were actually there. I know its not ancient history (i was already on the planet after all) but it is a glimpse of a world no longer existing. As a person who appreciates a wide variety of sounds and music styles I consider this book to be reference point to understanding the influences of some of my favorite bands and a guideline for deeper musical exploration (listening...not playing, its a long sad story)NY was a different world then and it will never go back to that atmosphere. a movie that shows a little glimpse of the accessible side of that scene areas downtown '81. this book has a much different vibration though. It will take new people in new cities trying to create something different, brash, purposely un-commodifiable and non-consumable for most audiences. any fan of Lydia Lunch (Teenage Jesus & the Jerks) Arto Lindsay (DNA) the Contortions and others will like at least a flip thru.

thanks again and always to Chris Cote to passing on this book...

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